Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Letter chain

Deborah over at Simply Thrifty talked about the Ingalls family and how they used to write letters to pass the time in the days before TV...which made me think of how we hardly ever get any mail anymore! I'm not complaining (much), especially since that means we don't get a lot of junk mail. But I do miss letters from people! Deborah also talked about letter chains, where one family would start it and mail it to the next. Each successive family would add an update and pass it on until it got back to the original family. Most of our families use email these days, so our communication is faster, but maybe we should go back to letter chains...it would be so cool to read up on a bunch of families! I'm thinking of those college friends that we talk to/get together w/ every couple of months or just at the holidays. We never seem to write emails...do you get many letters in the mail? Lately we've had a lot of shower/wedding invites and thank you notes, which are nice, but short. My best friend from high school emailed to say she sent me a letter! I thought that was funny, but definitely exciting. I should go wait by the mailbox =)

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