Monday, June 2, 2008

So-o-o busy!

Wow - there is so much to post about...I haven't really been keeping up w/the blog. I'm sorry, but I will post a bunch tonight and tomorrow. First of all...Dave's learning to throw shoes! Horseshoes! The neighbor has a horseshoe pit and it's finally nice enough to get out and play. Mo kept yelling, "Nice toss Daddy!" It always helps to have a cheerleader when you are learning =)

Speaking of cheerleading...Dave has been playing in the church softball league so Mo and I have been going to the games. It is so adorable to hear Mo say (every 30 seconds!), "Where's my dad? Where's the ball?" Even though he thinks his dad should be touching the ball AT ALL TIMES, he doesn't. But this week he got a really good hit! He even got on base. He's still at another game - it was a doubleheader. Mo was sad. He loves taking his new glove and ball and repeating all the things other people shout. "Run it out, Bobby, run it out!" "Good eye!" "Make 'im pitch to ya!" For me, the best thing is seeing those two hang around along the fence line. Can't wait for little league! Anyway, hope you are all enjoying the nicer weather and getting organized for the start of summer...

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