Monday, June 2, 2008

Signs of summer

It's so juicy! You want a bite?

We had a backyard burger night w/some friends and some sweet fruit. I would definitely say that's my favorite part of summer...

Do you know what kind of plant this is? Can I transp
lant it?? We keep running over it w/the lawnmower...I'll try to get a better pic tomorrow now that it's a little bigger. It has these delicate tiny white bells. It's so pretty but I was hoping to move it to another area where it could spread. I couldn't find it in a book I have for our state...any help identifying it would be appreciated!


Joyce said...

That's Lily of the Valley. It's very nice, but pretty invasive. I have some planted between my house and sidewalk, where it can't make it's way into the yard. I really love the flowers and smell!

Mel and Moses said...

Thanks Joyce! Now I can't wait to read about it...hmm...invasive? So like it will take over? I never saw it until now b/c it was under the branches of a tree we trimmed. It seems to like the extra sun! Thanks for your help!