Tuesday, June 3, 2008

ASL books to read

I was going to email this to a friend, but realized that everyone else could benefit from it too! When Moses was little, we went to a free baby sign class. Later we bragged about what we had learned to the sign language interpreter at church. She helped us to realize that baby sign is often a lot simpler than actual ASL. Anyway - since we are teachers and love the thought of kids learning more than one language, we really wanted to learn some more ASL accurately. Let me tell you, it's great to sit behind the deaf families at church and watch the interpreters! You learn a lot that way, assuming Pastor is speaking slow enough! Recently my aunt picked up a book for Mo called Moses Goes to the Circus. The character Moses is deaf and the book shows the signs for actual sentences, not just words. This morning we found Moses Goes to a Concert too! I really appreciate these books. The last 2 pages or so is all Moses telling about what he did, signs included. It was really easy to copy the shows and show my Moses how to do them! He had a very serious look on his face for today's reading b/c he loves instruments and drums and the concert book was full of them. He seemed determined to learn the names of them all! So if you're looking for an ASL book that's not so baby-ish, try those. The author is Isaac Millman. Oh, and if you live in town w/us, those 2 will be checked out for a while...so just call us if you want to come over and see them =)

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