Tuesday, June 3, 2008


That's my word for today. So much has happened in one day! This is a really busy week b/c my brother gets married in 4 days!! WooHoo! You know me, starting to fret over details. But it will be ok. FUN. Dave's mom is coming to stay w/Mo so we can dance the night away =)
A not so cool thing: a situation at church. Please pray. I volunteer as the nursery coordinator and it seems Satan is trying to stir up trouble involving me! I straightened it out (I think) but my feelings were hurt and I was extremely angry. Sometimes it's hard to work w/other Christians, I guess, b/c we think they are not going to be like people in the world. But I have to remember that they are just people. Not to insult anyone and definitely not to excuse anyone. Still sucks. But please just pray for that situation and the church as a whole. We are going through a transition time (retiring pastor) and we need prayers for unity, teamwork and communication. Thanks!
The cool thing: we got a call from the state adoption social worker. She wanted to set up a date for a simple home study. The first of many? I don't know, Dave talked to her. Most of the dates she suggested didn't work due to the fact that these are the last 2 weeks of school (FINALLY) and we are not available much during the week after that. So one of the dates she offered up was this coming Monday. I was getting a little flushed and excited thinking about it! But a little crazy at the same time b/c this week is so busy and our couch has been eaten by the laundry bomb. Don't worry it was a clean bomb! At any rate, we're doing it Monday b/c we'd rather jump the hoops sooner than later. Anything to get us closer to a house full of kids! But man, when it gets busy around here, it really gets busy!
Another not so cool thing: flat tire. I wanted to go to drama practice tonight. We need to get the laundry folded. We just didn't need that right now. Since we only have one vehicle and we're going out tomorrow, it needed to be fixed. So I don't get to go to drama and my helpmate left to get the tire fixed. That's just dandy. I seriously hope this week doesn't get any crazier...


Joyce said...

Ugh, church messes! What's the deal with that? I just wrote a little about one in my blog today. I'll pray for you!

Sandcastle Momma said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful post you left on my blog! It's so nice to not feel so alone in this mess. I've spent the evening reading your blog and I love your faith and optimism! Don't let the church stuff get you down - God knows where your heart is and you will prevail!
Thanks again and I look forward to visiting your blog often.