Saturday, November 12, 2011

On trees and fruit, things you can grow...

November 12
I am thankful for the huge trees that are in our backyard.  For about 2 months Dave has been working on a tree fort out there.  I used to hate the big pine tree - actually I prayed it would fall on the garage.  The garage was in such poor shape that I was thinking if the tree fell on it, we'd get to start all over again.  Not to mention that if the tree fell in the direction of the garage, it would hopefully be far enough away from the house.  Anyway, then Dave went and sided the garage and now I pray that no trees fall down.  Another thing that bugs me about the pine is the sap.  It gets all over the kids clothes when they are playing!  But I do know how to get it out now, so all is not lost.  I am also thankful for the apple trees out front.  Those are the trees that we take first-day-of-school pictures by =)  I am thankful for the blueberry bushes out back, even though we've never gotten a blueberry off of them since we planted them years ago.  I am thankful for the asparagus and raspberries out back.  Sometimes I wish we had more food-related plants, but I can't think of much else that I'd want/that grows well in this climate, besides what you can find in a garden.  This is the first year I noticed the neighbor had a peach tree!  Weird.  I guess he has a hard time getting to the fruit before the birds, but I can't believe I never noticed that before...thankful for the little surprises in life too!

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