Monday, November 14, 2011

It's a gas!

November 14
Today I am thankful for best friends.  I am blessed to have more than one.  But it is the day of birth for one in particular...I have known this friend for going on 20 years.  We met the summer before high school.   We were not best friends right away - she was a poms girl and I was a bookworm.  As it turned out though, we were both band geeks!  (Don't take offense at these cliquey terms, I am describing us and we're ok w/that.  I won't use these words to label you.)  We ate lunch together w/a large group of friends every day and we knew each other pretty well.  But still - we didn't really become best friends until college.  Most of my bookwormedness (it's a word, I just used it!) started to fall away and I made some dumb choices.  Most of my high school friends didn't stay in touch and I was making new ones.  But this friend, she didn't lose touch.  She came to visit and called and seemed to care.  When things started to fall apart for me, when I felt like I couldn't reconcile the old me and the new me, she was there, pointing the way.  She got saved before I did and she was like a mentor to me when I became a completely new new new person!  Mentor, counselor, life coach, best friend.  We used to sleep in, talk, watch the fish tank...I could tell you stories!  I think I've already written some of them here.  We rode a tandem bike, rode the city bus, slept in bunk beds and argued over who would clean the toilet.  She grilled a potential mate, who turned out to be my husband.  She was my matron of honor who cut her own honeymoon short to stand by my side.  I am so thankful for her, I can't even begin to describe the reasons!  I love you!!!  I also have other best friends.  My best friend from college I met the first day on campus.  He saved my butt more times and ways than I probably even know.  In so many ways he is the opposite of me.  I was the silly fun girl and he was very serious and calculated.  HA!  Every girl needs a best friend like that.  He is like a brother to me.  His family and mine are good friends now - I love his wife - she is truly an inspiration in motherhood.  Another best friend is here in town.  I want to be her when I grow up.  She and her family just became homeowners - of an RV!!  I am planning on removing a spark plug from that rig before they drive away for good.  Or maybe it will be something else...?  SH!  Don't tell, ok?  (I know she is reading this and hopefully laughing!)  But seriously, I don't know what I would do w/o any of my best friends.  Last but not least is my husband.  My best friend.   When we first met, I was the old me.  He didn't like me.  He really thought I was an airhead.  I thought he was HOT and out of my league!  When we met the second time, we found out we couldn't be apart much.  Engaged after 4 months, married after another 6.  We talk all the time...he is so considerate of me and has grown with me in many ways.  I change our diets, I quit my job, I make plans for future changes....he goes w/it.  He supports me.  Us.  He helps me live the good life, the life I dreamed of.  Another best friend like him cannot be found except in Jesus.
***edited to add - I failed to include some of my best friends, so I added an addendum =)***

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