Monday, November 21, 2011

What's the plan, Stan?

Today I am thankful for God's plan.  I was reminded by a friend today that God has a plan and even when we don't know it or are bitter about it, we believe it is the best plan, regardless, because it is from Him.  There are so many things in my life now that were not part of my plan.  I really didn't plan to be doing foster care and adopting.  I really didn't plan to marry that guy.  I really didn't plan to go to school for that.  I really didn't plan to be living in this town.  I really didn't plan to make choices that got me labeled as one who cares for creation so much.  I really didn't plan to be so heavily involved in church or any kind.  I really didn't plan to be a clutter-bug.  (Who does?)  I really didn't plan to consider home schooling.  I really didn't plan to lose touch w/those good friends.  I really didn't plan get the drift.  But despite all my emotions and anxieties about what I didn't plan, I am so grateful for what God had planned!  And not just for me, but for my friends and family too.  It's absolutely amazing when you can see God's plan unfold for someone else.  I find such joy in the fact that that family was able to adopt, or that family was taken down the path of a new job, etc...maybe they see it at the time or maybe they don't, but being outside of the situation often allows others to see God where they might not.

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