Friday, November 18, 2011


November 18
I don't know if I mentioned it here, but today is the day some college friends make the adoption of their 3 girls official!!!  We have so much joy for them!!!  And on top of that, today I went out to the farm where we used to buy our eggs (!!) and found they have a first time foster placement, w/a possibility of adopting him and 2 siblings somewhere down the road.  I am so happy for these families!!!  Another thing I am thankful for is deer hunting season.  I used to eat a lot of venison summer sausage sandwiches growing up and I am thankful my dad went deer hunting.  Well, not thankful that he was gone, exactly, but thankful he enjoyed himself and brought back some meat.  He told some funny stories, about skunks in his boots and the deer that swam into a river to go die on an island...and then him dragging it back!  I remember seeing the trailer or truck loaded down w/frozen deer, their tongues frozen hanging out of their mouths!  I pray everyone and anyone going this year will stay safe.  I also secretly pray some friends would like to share their venison w/me!!!  So yeah, today I'm thankful for adoptions, fostering families and um...venison...ha!

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