Friday, November 11, 2011

Viernes de paz

November 11
I'm thankful for peaceful days when everyone is feeling better!  I am thankful for things that make me laugh, things that make me smile and things that energize me.  I am thankful for holding my husband's hand while the kids run on ahead.  I am thankful for obedient kids who impress people at the mall =)  I am thankful for babies who clap and sing every time they hear music.  I am thankful for coconut oil!  And I am thankful for my rubber boots.  It is so muddy...I feel bad for the chickens, their whole pen is muck.  But I know they are animals and they're still seems weird.  I am thankful for popcorn too - we haven't had any in a was really good last night.  Hit the spot =)

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