Wednesday, November 9, 2011


November 9
Today I am super thankful for SNOW!  I love it!  I am also thankful for some relief from sickness.  I am thankful for two 4yo girls who love to play together and are excited to dress alike, eat alike and keep each other company.  I am grateful for our RV, in which we made many memories!  Some friends just bought a motorhome and it makes me miss camping!  Yes, I know, I'm excited for the snow today and lamenting the summer...I'm a muti-faceted person!  Another thing I am grateful for is my washer.  I talk a lot about my wash lines and how much I love hanging wash, but now w/4 kids I am truly appreciative of the washer too.  I thought I did a lot of wash before...phew!  I suppose having a baby again increases the loads.  I forgot how many times a day we change babies' clothes!  Plus, Dewey drools.  A LOT!  Well, it's quiet in my house right now - baby in the crib, maybe asleep, maybe just working on getting himself there - but NOT crying!  Huge improvement!  Everyone else is gone - I need to get cracking on the housework!

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