Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kicked when we're down

Yeah, I bet you didn't think you'd see that as the title for a thankful post...
November 8
Today I am thankful for encouragement!  We are all varying degrees of sick.  Best?  Curly Sue, she has maybe a sniffle.  Worst?  Dave.  Flu.  Not the nice kind.  So here I am, feeling crummy myself, administering no less than 3 different types of antibiotics and other assorted OTC meds, running this show.  I feel like yelling at someone, whining, complaining about how these new kids have just arrived and we could really use a break from the sickness to settle into a routine.  We're all tired.  Doing too much on too little energy.  Surprisingly, we are not really arguing much, even the kids have been so good.  You probably don't believe me but it's true =)  Maybe we're too tired!  Anyway, I am so thankful for the encouragement our friends have given to us!!!  As much as I feel like this is hard, I honestly think that it's kind of easy when people say nice things, pray for you, and just in general are supportive of you.  I was coming here to write this big list of nice things but that pretty much sums it up.  So thank you to all of my friends!  

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