Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gracias, merci, danke, xie xie, toda, arigato, takk, dziekuje, spasibo, efharisto

Today marks the first day of the month that includes Thanksgiving (in case you didn't know!).  Many people are writing one thing a day that they are thankful for.  I like this idea and have tried it before...this time I'm just going to try to write each day about whatever comes to mind - so it may be more than one.  Not exactly a list, just essay style.
I am thankful that a church friend has come out of her coma and is starting to talk.  I am thankful I serve a faithful God who hears our prayers and who I know can heal any and all in His time, if He wills it.  I am thankful my son loves music and legos.  I am thankful for good friends, with whom we can go on family dates.  I am thankful for a big bed that all my kiddos can climb in on frosty mornings and we can giggle and laugh and snagul (as Moses spells it) as a whole family.  

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