Sunday, November 6, 2011

Still here!

November 6
Ooh, did you think I was going to miss a day??  Nope!  Busy as ever w/4 kids in my house, but I'm still on track.  Today I am thankful for the dishwasher!  I can't believe how many dishes we all use in one day...but it's so awesome not to have to handwash them all.  I am also thankful for so many people who have helped give suggestions for doing Curly Sue's hair.  I am not quite as worried, but I just need an afternoon to practice or something.  I am also grateful for the extra clothes we saved from when Mo was little.  Right now it helps that I can just dig into a bin and find some things for Dewey.  Some of those things are hand-me-downs from the sisters-in-law and their sisters, so I am really grateful for that too!  We have been blessed w/some nice things we can use for our kids.  I am also grateful for the apples we collected at my aunt and uncle's house up north.  Free apples!  The kids have been eating about 4 a day.  I made some applesauce, dehydrated some and got some ready for a pie.  My first attempt was awful.  I need to figure out what I did wrong.  We couldn't even eat it.  It was really dry.  Blech.  But I will try again!  Another thing I must say is that I am so thankful for everyone's prayers.  I appreciate knowing that many of you are lifting us up each day!  Keep it up!  Thank you!

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