Sunday, November 20, 2011

for the love of tech stuff

Today I am thankful for technology.  Again one of the kids are sick and my husband and I are skyping church!  It is so nice to hear my pastor's voice and keep up w/the sermon series.  We also use skype to 'talk' to Grandma and Grandpa some nights and of course I am on, connecting w/friends.  Yes, sometimes these things can take away from our lives, but I argue that they can be useful too!  I am also thankful for the technology my husband has in his phone.  Many times on trips we have looked up our route on a map program on the phone, or we've looked for a phone listing online so we could call ahead.  I am thankful for photo sharing capabilities - it is so cool to see pictures of a friend's baby or something when I know I won't get out to meet him/her in person any time soon!  It sounds so silly and unnecessary but to a super social person like me, it's really special.

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