Wednesday, November 19, 2008

30 days of thankfulnees - day 16

(I am falling behind! So sorry - Joyce how do you do it??)
I am thankful for access to technology. (I hope I didn't do this one already!) Every day I can log into my computer and read email from people far away, check facebook and reconnect w/some really great kids I babysat for, check the online grocery ad, read updates and get well wishes for my mom, see if the library has a book I want to read, track sports teams, do my banking, read mommy blogs, search for scripture, read the local daily news...etc......By technology, I also mean stuff like phones, cameras, dishwasher, washing machine, TV/DVD, etc. There is so much technology in my life that MANY people in the world will never experience in their whole lifetime! Many of you know about my mom's accident and when she went to the rehab center, my dad got her a cell phone. She started calling lots of people and sometimes, if we weren't home, she'd leave multiple messages! I LOVED coming home and hearing her voice...I saved 7 of those messages. Dave thinks I'm crazy but if you could only hear them you'd understand. People, I almost lost my mom. The 7 messages represent a mountain that she the first one, she speaks quietly and slowly, each message she sounds better. In the latest one, she practically sounds like the mom I knew before the accident! I won't be erasing those messages for a while. I am thankful for the access to technology.

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Joyce said...

Ha! I'm struggling to keep up, but I'm so stubborn when I say I will do something.
I'm appreciating all the technology too. I never thought I would want a cell phone for the longest time, Now I wonder how we got by without them! When you get seprated in a crowd they're great!
Same thing with the computer- I was really late to that party, too, but now I love it; I probably use it too much.