Wednesday, November 19, 2008

30 days of thankfulness - day 17

I am thankful for our CSA box. When Dave and I started dating, our meals together consisted of things like hamburger helper, brats, and meat and potatoes. When we got married, we pretty much widened the meat category (a lot of our meals were cooked by Dave, would you have guessed?! =) Remember, I am not much of a cook...) As the years went on, we got a little fancier and added pastas (my favorite!) but they usually had to have brats or meat in them too. Are you seeing a theme? Before we had Mo, we tried the Atkins diet. It worked well for us, but we mainly focused on the meat and not much else. When we were pregnant w/Mo, I kept warning my meat-loving hubby that now we would need to start eating better. As in, fruits and veggies! He would eat fruits under duress, and he mostly liked the expensive ones! But veggies? Do potatoes count? Yeah...anyway - fast forward to the part where we make casseroles w/veggies in them. That's acceptable. Occasionally we eat veggies on the side of our meat. For the children! But this past year we signed up for a CSA box (Community supported agriculture) and it has definitely changed us =) We eat salads, drink green smoothies, get creative w/our recipes and even eat some meatless meals - *GASP*!! Shhh, don't say it too loud, the meat gods will strike us down! LOL!!! Anyway, this is our last week, I think, before the storage share comes. Then we will be up to our ears in potatoes and onions! I think there will be a lot of potato soup in our freezer...I am thankful for our CSA box.

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