Monday, November 24, 2008

30 days of thankfulness - day 24 (warning - it's long!)

I am thankful for Dave. He is 31 years old today!! Happy Birthday honey! Here are 31 reasons why I love him...
1) He has curly hair...
2) and blue eyes.
3) He is tall (dark and handsome too!)
4) He makes me laugh.
5) He loves his family - that's one of the major reasons I fell in love w/him.
6) He loves sports like me.
7) He speaks Spanish, like me - that's how we started getting to know each other. In college we both attended InterVarsity Christian Fellowship together, but when our junior year started, it turned out we had a lot of classes together. He would always bring the crossword puzzle from the newspaper and I would fill in the stuff he didn't know! Sometimes, he'd be paying attention in class and I would sneakily fill it all out! He hated that but I think he loved it too =) He even asked me to marry him in Spanish!
8) He wants 12 kids, like me!
9) He is smart.
10) He's a hard worker.
11) He lets me stay home w/our kids. I am very fortunate that he is willing to work, help us budget and that he finds it beneficial to our kids. He encourages me a lot!
12) He takes care of me.
13) He plays music - the best part is that he is one of those guys who doesn't really read music, he just jams out to whatever he feels like! A while back he was in a jazz combo (we miss the gigs Shiji had!!) and I had so much fun going to all these coffeehouses and swing dancing! Dave loves to play blues and jazz, but also likes worship music and will play classical if you ask...
14) He was the first person to get me to do a Bible study (I think it helped that I had a huge crush on him, obviously!!). I had never done anything like that before and he asked if we could read/study the book of Job together. Yeah - the book of Job? For my first time? Yeah...that book is filled w/so much...angst and stuff!! I learned a lot. But by now I'm a lot more comfortable doing stuff like that. And I still love reading/studying w/him!
15) He likes outdoor activities like camping, biking, going to parks, etc
16) He's willing to partake in 'all that tree-hugger stuff' as he calls it! He was a little resistant to things like using hankies and what not at first, but he's totally on board now. In fact, he even catches me cheating sometimes! He has commented more than once on how he is glad we are making changes.
17) He dances like a goof, so naturally that makes me look good! LOL! I'm kidding, I know I'm a goofy dancer too! After we got married, we took a dance class together and we had some swing lessons. It was fun...even though I still don't let him lead!
18) He likes going to oddball touristy stuff when we're on vacation. Have you seen the stone cement sculptures in WI? Or that one house that has a car sunk into their front yard? I have dragged DW to enough of these 'off the beaten path' type things that he actually gets excited and finds some of his own now too.
19) He can and does smother me w/kisses!
20) He keeps me warm when we go camping and I'm sooooo coldddddd! When we were on our honeymoon, we were camping in Canada (do I need to explain that there was snow in JUNE??) and I couldn't sleep b/c my body kept shaking and bouncing from the cold. Dave wrapped his arms around my head and told me to relax and go to sleep, that he would keep me warm. I giggled so hard b/c I told him the headlines tomorrow would be about how this newly married couple was found dead in their tent and it looked like the guy smothered the girl!! All I remember after that was waking up it worked! Anyway, he is always about 30* warmer than I am so he keeps me warm a lot.
21) He is compassionate for others, like his students or foster kids, etc...
22) He reminds me of his dad. I used to get annoyed by stuff like that, but now that Dad is Home, I love seeing things in Dave that remind me of him.
23) He thinks I'm beautiful and he buys me flowers!
24) He's a great tutor/mentor. He loved being a middle school teacher...he loves having kids at the house over the summer to work on math and stuff. He enjoys getting to know them in a smaller setting and teaching to their strengths and weaknesses.
25) He gets along w/my family. He loves to talk sports w/my Dad and brother and teases my mom =) His favorite story to tell is the one where he went downstairs to talk to my dad about asking to marry me. He says he never saw the TV go off so fast!! If you ask him, he will tell you more about that story, he loves it...
26) He shares what he learns/has learned w/me. He's always teaching me music stuff (I'm always forgetting!), cooking stuff and football stuff. He was taking some classes through the Institute of Creation Research and would always share what he was learning about. I love that stuff! That's a big part of why I became a Christian! But I guess that's another story you're all still waiting on...sorry, I'll get on that sometime over this holiday weekend.
27) He still wants to grow old w/me, after almost 10 years.
28) He pulls out my wayward white hairs! Now don't you all go commenting and telling me that's a bad thing to do! I don't care. If the white ones want to hang out w/the brown ones, they are free to do so as long as they lay down nice and straight. As soon as they start standing up and getting all zigzaggy, they are pulled. And no I will never dye my hair. So just let it be. And yes, I don't really have good genes for hair color so you can just get used to seeing me w/white hair...
29) He loves me every second, even when I am irrational, inconsolable, and incommunicative. He CHOOSES to love ME. He chooses to love me and keep God at the center of our marriage.
30) He respects my body. When we first started dating, I had 'experience' and he didn't. The first big date we had was to the Madison farmer's market, to be followed by a UWBadgers game. As we walked around the capitol square, he ASKED to hold my HAND. I swear I must have stopped in my tracks b/c every guy I had ever 'dated' or 'flirted' w/, tried to do so much more w/o ever asking. They didn't really respect my body and I guess neither did I b/c I let any rate, here was this guy asking to hold my hand. I was thinking, "Who does this??" But I was also thinking, "OH I am soooo going to marry this guy!" And then I was thinking, "I'd better say YES before he gives up on me!" So I said yes and he held my hand and then he dragged the puddle that was me all over town for the rest of the day =)
31) He is the man God chose for me!
I am thankful for Dave!


Abby said...

Happy Birthday, Dave!

Allen said...

This is JUST Sooooooo SWEET ! If only all women could know such LOVE COVENANTS !
May the Lord continue to Bless, Protect and Prosper your lives together! Through All ETERNITY!!
Ellen Wanek