Saturday, November 22, 2008

30 days of thankfulness - day 21

I am thankful for my marriage of almost 10 years. To say you've done something for 10 years (at least for me!) is pretty amazing. For 10 years I've done my best to communicate w/Dave, I've commented on his hair and clothes before he left the house, I've listened to his stories about classes or teaching, I've opened myself up to his family, I've watched him cook me dinner, I've curled my short legs up in bed so his long ones could stretch out diagonally, I've traveled w/him, I've been the nervous one who demanded a plan for everything, I've embarrassed him, I've prayed w/him...etc...there are so many things we've done together. I hope I never take them or him for granted! We got married kind of young compared to a lot of people our age and wow - the first year was NOT something I'd like to repeat! But we both worked hard to keep God in the center of our marriage and then we blinked and here we are! We know and have known people that are/were married a lot longer, so it's not like we're going to win a prize for longest marriage ever or anything, but having a relationship like this w/someone is still a beautiful thing. =) I am thankful for my marriage of almost 10 years.

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