Thursday, November 20, 2008

30 Days of Thankfulness - Day 20

I am thankful for memories. I don't know if that's the right word to describe it, but maybe you'll get it after I explain. Today I took the boys and visited my Grandpa. He kept asking Moses, "Have you been lost? Where have you been?" because we don't get there often enough! At one point Mo brought out the toy Mobil truck. My Grandpa used to drive a Mobil truck, back in the day when he made deliveries to each farm in town and such. He started to tell Mo about a picture of his truck and wondered aloud where that picture was. You know me, a sucker for photos and stories, I remembered a few boxes upstairs and dragged them out. We found so many...some I had never seen before!! I wanted to grab a pen and scribble down every last word he said...who they were, why was that truck upside down in the snow, this was the wedding of what relative? and can you believe they took apart a house and used the materials to build this one!! Most of these photos are starting to get bent or tattered from being loose in a box and again, you know me, we can't have that! Some time soon, I hope to get back there and organize them, label them, protect them. Have you ever thought about how people can remember details from things that were nearly one hundred years ago?? I can't even remember what I ate for dinner last night!!! But hearing stories about CC camp, my Grandma's family, when my Grandpa was in the Army, etc made me so thankful...Grandpa asked me, "You like hearing all this stuff?" Of course I do!! He wanted to tell me more but the boys were getting restless. All those stories and memories help me see my Grandpa in a new way. The emotion in his voice, the way he laughs and the pride he has in seeing his's beautiful. I am thankful for memories.

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Joyce said...

One of our cherished belongings is a tape recording fo my grandmother telling about her childhood and explaining the complications of her family tree (yours-mine-ours famliy raising orphaned cousins- my dad could never keep it all straight!). It's a gold mine of good stuff. Plus, I get to hear her voice again. Anyway, if you have a recorder, you should take it with you next time.