Friday, November 14, 2008

30 days of thankfulness - day 12

I am thankful for my renovated kitchen! I have been trying to be more domestic lately (don't laugh, I have been trying really hard) and it every now and then my hubby and I comment on how big a difference this renovation has made. We knocked out a wall and had a peninsula put in, we've got more cabinets, we've got more counter space, the table is out of the center of the room....etc....I guess this is a pretty selfish thing to be thankful for. Sometimes I try to blame my poor attitude about things in the kitchen on other stuff, but it's really just me. I am reminded today how much I have been blessed to have this (relatively) new space and how comfortable I feel here...I am thankful for my renovated kitchen.

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Joyce said...

Well, shoot, I was going to write about my new kitchen, and now I'll just look like a copy-cat;) I know what you mean about how it can change your attitude completely to work in a nice kitchen. Ours was so dark and grim before, and now it's nice and bright and cheerful. We actually sit around the table and talk after dinner now!