Saturday, November 15, 2008

30 days of thankfulness - day 15

I am thankful for someday. Today I hung out w/some girlfriends and there was talk of what we hope to do 'someday'. It got me thinking about how I used to think of someday and how some things turned out that way and some didn't...
I used to think all I wanted was to be a kindergarten teacher. I was a Spanish and ELL teacher and now I'm a stay at home mom.
I used to think I would live far, far away from my hometown (doesn't everyone?!) but now I live less than an hour from there.
I used to think I was going to marry my HS sweetheart (we dated for 4 years and he all but proposed - a friend talked him out of it!). I don't regret those days, but I believe it was God's plan that I marry Dave and I am soooo much happier w/that!
I used to think I would have a ton of kids (I still want that) but now I know (again) God's plan is different. Most days I can handle that. Some days I can't. But I believe God gave me this desire for a I'm working on waiting patiently!
I used to think I had to keep all the traditions my family did/ I know that I can make my own. I struggle sometimes thinking that not keeping them shows disrespect, but they know me and they know that's not my intentions.
NOW...I think someday we will move out to the country. I think someday we will go on a missions trip (hopefully someday soon!). I think know someday Moses will be taller than me, sooner rather than later! I think someday I will be the Mom who goes to parent teacher conferences and then goes home and hugs my kid for doing so well in band, or choir or orchestra...I think someday I will be the kind of Mom who goes to the Homecoming game and makes her kid check in every quarter. I think someday I will be the kind of Mom (like mine!) who would rather have those boys over at our house than out. I'll ask them all kinds of questions and suggest good girls for them to date. LOL!! Oh I could go on...I am thankful for someday.

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Joyce said...

It cracks me up that you are looking forward to being the mom of a teenager! It sounds like you'll be great at it.