Monday, November 10, 2008

30 days of thankfulness - day 10

I am thankful for I Love Lucy/Lucille Ball! I'm sorry, I hate it when people endorse random things on their websites, but I'm having the kind of day where I need a laugh and that show always makes me laugh. I of course like the episodes where Lucy is in the vat of grapes trying to make wine and gets in a fight w/the European woman, and the one where she is trying to work on the candy line and can't keep up, the Vitameatavegamin one where she gets drunk doing the commercial! The one that really gets me is the when the Ricardo's have moved to the country and she tries to make bread....all I know is that the bread starts coming out of the oven and pushes her up against the wall...I have to go find that episode now! There are lots of other current/recent shows that make me laugh but I think Lucy is some good clean fun! Plus, I've always been into women who excelled in fields previously dominated by men =) Another woman comic who claims Lucy as her inspiration is Bonnie Hunt - have you seen her in anything? She's funny too! Well, what are some of your favorite shows? Do you have a person that makes you laugh no matter what they are in? I am thankful for I Love Lucy/Lucille Ball!

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Joyce said...

There is a show on now called Big Bang Theory that just cracks us up every time. Living in a university town, and having raised a son who was a true genius (taught himself to read when he was two), these characters seem pretty real to us. I don't know the name of the tall skinny actor on that show, but he's a stitch! The writing, of course, makes it great. If you haven't seen it, you should give it a try. It's not slapstick like Lucy, but it is very funny.