Friday, November 7, 2008

30 days of thankfulness - Day 7

I am thankful for the miracle of healing! More specifically, the miracle that is my Mom's healing. Today, after nearly 2 months of being in the hospital and a rehab facility, my Mom comes home. As in home home! Home to sleep in her own bed and eat her own food!! Two months ago she was in a bad bike accident and suffered 2 severe traumatic brain injuries. Now she walks w/o a cane, she has passed many physical and mental 'tests' they have given her and she is making dinner for my Dad tonight! I don't think there are words in the English language to describe our joy! Praise God, for this would never have been possible w/o the miracle of healing. I myself have been witness to a few other times that people have been healed, and those experiences make my faith stronger. I know a lot of you already know the story behind Moses - how we just couldn't seem to have kids. Despite wanting 12!! Anyway, there was a faith healer who came to church and I told people (mostly DW) that I didn't really believe in that and why bother going. Many people strongly encouraged me to come...but I didn't go. DW played piano for the service and I had to pick him up when it was done. I got there and they were still going strong! Not wanting to be there and grumbling I slinked into the back and slumped in a chair. Another couple from church (their last name is Holycross - isn't that cool??) came a almost literally dragged me up there. They got Dave and the man prayed over us. I cried and could hardly talk. I felt hot, embarrassed, nervous and overwhelmed. I didn't know why I cried! Anyway - the faith healer told me he prays over women in churches like this all the time and he comes back in 9 months and there's a baby explosion...I walked out thinking, "Yeah whatever..." One month later we found out we were pregnant. And then it seemed every women around me was pregnant!! There were honestly 20+ babies born in 2 months of each other!! I should know, I was the nursery coordinator!! Mo shares his birth week w/7 other kids from the church. So yes, I believe in 'all that' now. I believe I was healed and I plan to go get prayed over by the same man at the end of this month! So I am (very!) thankful for the miracle of healing!

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Joyce said...

Wow, this is all great to read! Praise God for your mom's recovery! And I love that you didn't want to go to that prayer service, but got stuck there anyway. God does have a sense of humor, doesn't he?