Sunday, November 9, 2008

30 days of thankfulness - day 8

I am thankful for the gift of teaching/learning. As you know, I'm a teacher and so is Dave. But that's not the kind of teaching I'm talking about...tonight I went to church and heard a missionary speak. He told some awesome stories, but that's not the point. I really felt like I learned something from him and I appreciate that. There have been so many teachers in my life that I am thankful for! My first Spanish teacher is an amazing lady...I always wanted to be like her and maybe someday I will. I learned a lot from my BFF Dawn Mills and basically got saved b/c of her! I learned a lot from Dave, from a Spanish professor named John Stone, from Pastor Joe Grier at Grace Chapel, from a guy I dated in HS who was a mechanic, from speakers at church, from Margaret Homer, from other moms who seem to do stuff so much better than me, from other bloggers who post recipes, ideas and patterns, and I'm sure I could go on. Yes, it's an awesome feeling to teach someone something, but it's an even better feeling to learn. My parents always would look stuff up for us when we asked tough questions - we made a lot of trips to the library! - and they are still great models for learning. I am thankful for the gift of teaching/learning.

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