Wednesday, November 19, 2008

30 days of thankfulness - day 19

(This post is sort of related to the last one...)
I am thankful for all the things this community has to offer us as a family. There is an art museum w/a kids' creation room, a large hotel w/a water park, an indoor sports facility, a good library w/a play area, a dying mall that recently put in a play area, lots of parks, a community recreation dept w/lots of programs, a Y, Lake Michigan beaches, a state park, humane society, a bike path, thrift stores, a kids' museum, a Family Resource center, etc...I know I'm forgetting some things and I'm sure the local people will remind me! We also have so many more things I could mention that are in the surrounding area, like less than a half hour away, but who likes to read lists? I usually read the newspaper's event listings and find all sorts of fun stuff to take the kids show, tractor exhibit/planes/petting zoo at the airport, sand castle contests, largest worldwide freshwater surfing contest, brat days, pancake breakfasts, etc. I find them and invite everyone I know to go! They make fun of me that I'm like some kind of county tourism director or something...if only I got paid for it! (PS - if anyone from the tourism dept is reading this, I would love to work from home for you! You have no idea how much power a stay at home momma has in the advertising dept!) I am thankful for all this community has to offer us as a family.

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