Saturday, November 29, 2008

30 days of thankfulness - day 27

I am thankful for my blogging friends! There are so many bloggers out there that inspire me...
There's Joyce (who alerted me to this whole 30 days of thankfulness challenge)
Bethany (who is seriously super-mom - she builds! she cooks! she teaches! she draws! she writes! and WELL!)
Elizabeth (who cracks me up)
Revka (who is so creative)
Holly (who holds it all together as a mom of many and keeps it simple)
Shawn (who is a dad, in case you didn't already figure that out, that gives me 'the other perspective' and gives me the drive to beef up so I can carry my kids around in a pack!)
Rachel (who is so much like me, reflective and contemplative)
Jenni (who also makes me laugh, but questions things in this world too)
Jennifer (who has so many green ideas to get a family started)
and Tracy (who inspired me to write my own blog)
Now guess how many of these ladies (and Shawn) I know in real life? I would love to meet them all, of course, and I hope that someday that might happen...I pray for all these ladies (and Shawn) even though I don't know them. I know that by writing a blog, they have the power to reach and influence other people by their words and the stories of their lives that they choose to share. You have no idea (ok maybe you do, but that's the cliche) how many people mention something they saw me write about on my blog. "I never thought of trying that..." or "We really should ride our bikes more!" or "Hey - where can I get one of those??" The point is that these bloggers inspire me and I am grateful for them. Some of them read my blog, too, and leave comments which I appreciate (btw, that's not required - if I mentioned you and you don't read my blog, no worries! =) I'm not fishing for a compliment or comment...) . Anyway, it's gotten to the point that, yes, I call some of them friends even if we have never met! I am thankful for my blogging friends.

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